Date: 30th August 2016 at 3:47pm
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Chelsea are intent on signing a new striker this summer according to reports, with Everton forward Romelu Lukaku being one of those names consistently linked to the Blues. They certainly need one, with an injury prone Diego Costa, Loic Remy and Michy Batshuayi currently carrying all of Chelsea’s expectations in the striking department.

At first glance, this seems like a great move for both sides and an unbeatable feel-good story.

A young forward who, having previously left Chelsea in search of regular playing time and in possible fear that his career at the very top of football was done, has risen back up the footballing hierarchy once more to become one of the most sought after players in the world, thus blazing a trail for his momentous return to Stamford Bridge.

Sounds amazing, right? Until Everton decided they want £68 million for Lukaku. All romanticism removed from the story, it’s just yet another tale of modern football and its inexplicable tendency to not have finances under control.

Even in today’s hyper inflated transfer market, there is absolutely no way that Romelu Lukaku is worth £68 million. That isn’t a criticism of the man, either. He’s a fantastic striker with a brilliant future ahead.

Since 2012, Lukaku has consistently shown himself to be able to score goals in the Premier League. There’s no doubt that he’s ready to be back at a top club and lead them to a championship challenge.

However, £68 million is an absurd price to pay. Gonzalo Higuain, who in my opinion is currently a far better striker than Lukaku, and was recently transferred to Juventus for around the same price, is not even worth this amount.

It baffles me as to where this valuation has even come from. Everton signed Lukaku from Chelsea for £30 million, which itself was seen as an inflated price by many at the time. Transfermarkt currently has Romelu valued at £34 million, so where has a price tag of well over double that amount come from?

The fault doesn’t lay with Everton, though. Clearly, they don’t want to lose their star striker, and have put a ridiculously high price on him in order to keep their man. As any club with business sense should do.

The trouble is, clubs who are chasing star signings have evidently now decided money doesn’t matter, and that it’s more important to sign your target at any cost rather than look for value for money. Clubs such as Chelsea, who have long since had an abundance of funds, are more willing than ever, to pay a price that they know full well is absurd.

Undoubtedly, Chelsea could sign a better striker than Lukaku for less money. However, the publicity that will come from signing a £68 million striker has clearly outweighed that fact in the mind of Abramaovich.

Here’s to hoping football will regain some common sense, eventually. Romelu Lukaku? Great striker, would be a great signing for any club. Just not for £68 million.