Date: 10th September 2016 at 10:58am
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It’s been a busy transfer window, to say the least. Total Premier League spending exceeded the £1 billion mark for the first time in history, and there’s no sign of this extravagant approach to the transfer market slowing down. Even the lowest spending Premier League team, Hull City, forked out £17 million, an unthinkable scenario just a few years back.

Some truly brilliant business has been conducted. Pep Guardiola bringing in Nolito for just £14 million represents superb value for money, whilst Zlatan Ibrahimovic being captured for free by Manchester United is another absolute steal.

But, naturally, amongst all this, there have been some not so great signings. The type of move that makes you wonder what on earth has happened to football.

The transfer of Lucas Digne from PSG to Barcelona is not quite one of these, but still a bad move in my book. Digne, a 23 year-old French international, is a supremely talented player and is certainly good enough to play for Barca. The issue is, Barcelona already have the world’s best left back in Jordi Alba.

As a result of this, Digne clearly will not be playing every game, which is what a player of his calibre deserves. Barca may benefit from having him, but Digne will not benefit nearly as much by being there.

PSG are also involved in one of the most questionable transactions of the transfer window, with David Luiz departing the French capital to return to Chelsea in a £32 million move.

Why Chelsea felt the need to sign a centre back in the first place is beyond me, when they already have available to them Gary Cahill, John Terry, a recovering and very talented Kurt Zouma, plus promising youngsters Andreas Christensen and Nathan Ake, both out on loan but easily good enough to have stayed as part of the first tean squad.

On top of this, David Luiz has not improved a bit since he left Chelsea in 2014. He’s still the same wildly inconsistent, occasionally extraordinary player that was deemed not good enough for the club two years ago, so why go back for him now?

Looking north of the border, newly promoted Rangers have got themselves in on the poor transfer action, bringing in Clint Hill, who turns 38 next month, as well as Philippe Senderos.

One of the criticisms levelled at Rangers as they’ve risen through the lower leagues of Scotland in the past few years has been that they haven’t given their younger players enough of a chance, instead throwing money at older players to fill their squad.

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They’ve done nothing to silence these detractors this window, signing two players whose best years are well behind them, one of whom did not even play regular Championship football in England last season, and the other having not impressed during any previous spell in England.

However, the worst transfer of all, for me, has to be Moussa Sissoko’s inexplicable £30 million move from Newcastle United to Tottenham.

Yes, he had a very impressive Euro 2016, and clearly that was going to attract attention. But surely, most Premier League clubs would remember how distinctly average Sissoko was last season as Newcastle were relegated? Evidently, the Spurs board have a short memory.

All credit to Mike Ashley, though, who has conned Tottenham out of a vast sum of money to inspire the worst transfer of the summer transfer window, 2016/17. Can that be topped by anybody in January?