Date: 29th May 2014 at 9:08pm
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The rising price of British players rears its ugly head again as the transfer window looms closer with reports that Arsenal look to make a surprise bid for one of the three relegated Premier League teams’ keeper.

Luke Shaw £27m, Adam Lallana 26m the inflated prices have already started flying about in anticipation of the next transfer window, and now there is a new name to add to the list with Arsenal looking to make a surprise bid for Cardiff’s Scottish keeper David Marshall according to the Daily Telegraph, whose club rate him at £15 million…is he worth it?

The Premier League stats machine has David Marshall ranked 14th out of 20 keepers over the season as a whole, although given the defensive capabilities in front of him, and the fact the Cardiff finished bottom of the league ranking alone does not tell the whole story.

Back in February the Daily Mail reported that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s claim that Marshall was the best in the Premier League was backed up by a report of number of saves made.

It is true that Marshall pulled off some amazing saves and kept Cardiff battling in the league a lot longer than anybody would have given them credit for, such as his last minute flyer against Aston Villa.

But this move would make him the fifth most expensive goalkeeper in history (behind the likes of Buffon, Neuer, De Gea and Peruzzi), is he worth that? A goalkeeper with only 11 caps to his name and no European football since his time at Celtic?

In a way, he is. Marshall was hugely successful in the Championship and showed that he has what it takes to survive the Premier League. If Cardiff are planning on bouncing back into the top tier then they will need his experience and skill to get them back up there.

Winning promotion and playing in the Premier league is worth millions to the club and so it is in their best interests to keep him. A price tag of £15 million would put off any potential suitors and, if someone did meet there asking price it is enough for them to buy a replacement and maybe strengthen some other areas of their squad.

Is it worth it for Arsenal? That depends on what he can provide to them in terms of winning games. If he was to help them win the league or the Champions League then yes, the money they would make would recoup that outlay.

Although a keeper is a position they need to strengthen having lose their number 2 Fabianski; is £15 million the price you want to pay for someone who will spend the majority of your games warming the bench when there are plenty of other options available for a cheaper price?