Date: 19th March 2017 at 6:51pm
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In the latest short BT Sport Film around the work of the Premier League and BT Disability Initiative, we visit the Middlesbrough FC Foundation, to witness a football disability skills session designed to showcase the activities the club organise to benefit the disabled community in their area.

The short film first airs in BT Sport Score on 18 March. We hear the story of Oliver Philpot, a participant at Middlesbrough FC Foundation. Oliver is 10 years old, he has a physical disability which restricts the use of his legs and has been attending sessions at MFC Foundation for the past 5 years. Oliver was football mad from a very young age and was desperate to play but, couldn’t initially find anywhere that was able to accommodate him. At age 5, he could only walk for short distances. Then his family found the sessions with the MFC Foundation and Oliver hasn’t looked back. His stamina has improved dramatically, he is now able to run and his mental health and confidence has soared. We will be asking Oliver how he became involved with the MFC Foundation and why he loves the sessions so much.

The award-winning BT Sport Films team is producing and broadcasting short films on the individuals and storylines involved in the Premier League and BT Disability programme, raising the profile of the project and clubs’ broader inclusion work to millions of people. Following an independent funding application assessment process, successful Premier League clubs will employ a dedicated Disability Officer responsible for co-ordinating the programme and promoting inclusion. Disability Officers will work with local agencies to amplify existing work and deliver programmes that engage disabled people through sport. Sport will be used to provide a range of opportunities such as volunteering, education, employability, and apprenticeships.