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Manchester United’s Financial Results For The 2017 Fiscal First Quarter

Manchester United’s Financial Results For The 2017 Fiscal First Quarter

One for the football geeks.

Manchester United’s financial results for the 2017 fiscal first quarter, ending September 30 2016, are as follows:

  • Revenue down 2% to £120.2m
  • Commercial up 4.4% to £74.3m
  • Matchday down 32% to £16.8m by virtue of playing three fewer games
  • Quarter Wages up 5% off the back of the summer transfer window
  • Broadcasting up 5.4% to £21.1m
  • United still forecasting record revenues between £530m-£540m

Getting back on the grass… since joining from Spurs a decade ago, Michael Carrick has made nigh on 300 league appearances for Man United; scooping five Premier League titles, an FA Cup and the Champions League.

Carrick told the press:

“I’m 35 now and I have to be realistic. I’m not going to make predictions about what is going to be happening next season.

“We are not even at Christmas yet and I just want to play as many games as I can and see how I’m feeling, how the body is feeling.

“That is the biggest gauge to see if I can still do it, if I feel I can still do it and the manager feels that. There is a lot of things to come into the equation, so I’m not going to be making any rash judgements just yet.”


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