Carlos Kickaball

  • Premier League
    Why Sherwood’s 442 Just Won’t Do

    Tim Sherwood got one gift that was far worse than a naff sweater from his gran, this...

  • Champions League
    Hérculean Humble Pie

    Welcome to this week’s round of La Liga action from Week 2 and a look ahead to Week 3.  The headline story from last weekend is, of course, Barcelona’s 2-0 home defeat to league newcomers, Hércules, on Saturday night.  And to a lesser extent, the huge slice of humble pie I must now...

  • La Liga
    Viva la Liga

    ¡Hola! Welcome to the first of my weekly-to-be blogs covering all the ticker, tacker, olés and hankie waving of the Spanish football season.  I’ll be doing my best throughout the season to keep you up to date with all La Liga’s goings on, including pressing issues such as: how many consecutive hat-tricks...