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Arsenal’s home form could wreck title chances

Last man back November 22, 2010 5

I think we all know, having been reminded every time there’s any radio programme/tv show/newspaper or magazine article or blog post about Arsenal, that Arsene Wenger’s team have not won a trophy since the

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Chelsea’s ‘support’

Last man back November 15, 2010 6

A very quick one and one that will hopefully be picked up on by some Chelsea fans. Would love their thoughts on this. As the half-time whistle went yesterday Chelsea went in 1-0 down

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Where have all the English strikers gone?

Last man back November 15, 2010 0

Without wanting to take anything away from Jay Bothroyd, who must be delighted with his call up to the England squad, doesn’t it say a lot that a Championship player is in the squad

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Worst refereeing decision ever

Last man back November 9, 2010 18

As the last post was about Chris Foy and his occasional blindness, it got me thinking about terrible refereeing decisions. Not the ones that happen to the team you support. I mean the ones

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If they can’t punish Huddlestone, punish Chris Foy

Last man back November 9, 2010 10

Football managers up and down England must be sending spies to take skin samples from Tom Huddlestone. Their suspicious that he’s made of Teflon might very well be correct after he got away with

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Arsenal’s goalkeeping woes continue

Last man back November 8, 2010 5

It would be wrong to say that Arsenal’s defeat to Newcastle was the entirely fault of Lukasz Fabianski. As a team they were poor, they lacked creativity and any kind of attacking spark and

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Sleaze and the Scottish game

Last man back November 2, 2010 0

As Stewart Regan squirmed his way through a press conference where he was explained the decision the SFA had reached over Tannadicegate (when Celtic were awarded a penalty then referee Dougie McDonald changed his

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The Gomes goof

Last man back November 1, 2010 18

There’s no doubt Nani’s goal on Saturday was farcical but as much as Harry Redknapp wants to complain about Mark Clattenburg he really ought to have a stern word with his goalkeeper. It’s the

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The Gallon d’Or

Last man back October 30, 2010 2

Much was made this week about how no British players were nominated for the Ballon d’Or. It was hardly a surprise, in fairness, the only obvious candidate was Wayne Rooney and I suspect it

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Celebrating goals

Last man back October 26, 2010 6

Maybe it’s just me, and most times when I say that it is just me, but don’t footballers celebrate goals rather too much? I don’t mean the extravagant routines some of them foist upon

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