Fernando Torres has a new agent

Last man back July 13, 2010 0

Fair play to El Niño, he had a dreadful World Cup, though in fairness he was never fit, culminating with a snapped hamgroin in the last minute of extra time.

That hasn’t stopped him acquiring a new agent. And not just any old agent. No sir. He’s got the scorer of the winner in the World Cup final, Andrés Iniesta, to represent him. The ghostly pale Barça player says:

Fernando was fully focused on Spain and we didn’t even talk about his future until last night. He is going to take a break with his wife and daughter, speak to Liverpool and take things from there.

Any club that has him is lucky to have him.

Fantastic. Except for one thing. Iniesta really shouldn’t be talking about the future of a player who is under contract to another club. Everyone knows his future at Liverpool is somewhat in the balance. It’s hard to keep one of the best strikers in the world when you’re going to play Europa League football in the coming season, but Iniesta should mind his own business and refrain from commenting.

Then again, it’s quite clear that wearing the Barcelona shirt means you can say and do what they like with no regard for the club or the employee in question.

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