De Boer Says He Wasn’t Lying About THFC Enquiry

The Magic Sponge May 2, 2014 0
De Boer Says He Wasn’t Lying About THFC Enquiry

Tottenham Hotspur’s search for a new manager appears to be causing ructions.

Despite taking the unprecedented move of issuing a statement on their official site, denying that they were plotting to replace Tim Sherwood, it seems that prospective candidate for the job, Frank de Boer er… isn’t quite “on message” with the powers that be at White Hart Lane.

After telling the Dutch press that he had been approached, instead of saying nothing, or opting for the old, “lost in translation” excuse, de Boer decided instead to stick to his story.

Asked if he felt he might have handled the matter differently, the Ajax coach told

“No… Why?I was interviewed by the NOS and gave an honest answer. There had been more rumors about the interest from the Spurs. Therefore I thought in a few seconds …let me give openness.”

The Dutchman clearly feels is is very much in the middle of something to do with Spurs, and added:

It is very quiet with me on the phone. And when my agent too. My contract is with Ajax until 2017, so until then I just think about Ajax or concrete offers.”

Former Tottenham goalie Paul Robinson told talkSPORT this morning that he felt this whole business with de Boer and Sherwood had been a PR disaster.

In fairness, he probably could have been talking about anything to do with Spurs.