Top Tottenham Source Says: Allegri Not Happening

The Magic Sponge April 18, 2014 0
Top Tottenham Source Says: Allegri Not Happening

Tottenham fans awoke to the news this morning, that their new manager had  not only been found, but wooed and signed. The man in question was none other Massimiliano Allegri, the erstwhile Milan coach.

The story suggesting his appointment as manager emanated from Corriere dello Sport, which led with a front page exclusive. It was a done deal.

The paper claimed that since being relieved of his duties at Milan in January this year, the 46 year old Livorno born Tuscan had been secretly ensconced in London, where he had agreed personal terms with THFC, and been busying himself learning English.

Simon Austin, a freelance journalist and producer Tweeted this afternoon:

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The tale of Allegri taking over from Time Sherwood is a left field one.

Certainly, it is not a name to have been linked with the potential vacancy by any bookmaker, until this morning. That market was dominated by talk of Louis Van Gaal and Mauricio Pochettino, with perhaps Rafa Benitez as the latest outside bet.

Could this be a case of an agent creating a story? Nobody here at Three & In would be surprised, it has happened once or twice before in football.