Is This The Next Man Utd Home Shirt?

The Magic Sponge April 17, 2014 0
Is This The Next Man Utd Home Shirt?

The silly season of the summer transfer window is well and truly upon us. Gossip and speculation are rife, and not just in relation to player signings.

Manchester United shares were up 8% on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. A £600m kit deal is thought to be in the pipeline.

The first “leaked” images of Premier League shirts are beginning to make their way online. Most will turn out to be nothing more than photo shop jobs of varying quality. Some may indeed simply be rubbish fakes, made for the illicit black market trade.

Manchester United, being one of the biggest sporting organisations on the planet, and as a result will be a major target for those playing a prank, infringing copyright as well as those seeking to be the very first to share the new jersey.

This image doesn’t look too bad, although the black detailing in the front and the shoulders does rather resemble a tie and epaulets. The Nike badge details at the hem of the shirt look realistic enough, but as ever with these things, the image doing the rounds isn’t great quality.

Does it look kosher to you?

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