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Only one place to start, and end, today. ITV HD. From the BBC (who must be loving this):

ITV has apologised to its HD channel viewers after a “transmission problem” caused them to miss England’s first World Cup goal.

Less than four minutes into England’s World Cup opener, they went to an ad break. In that time Steven Gerrard scored. Footage below.

It would unfair to label it amateurish because even an amateur wouldn’t make that kind of mistake. For a national broadcaster to do that is the very height of incompetence.

Heads will roll, no doubt, but let’s remember it’s not exactly like ITV are treading new ground here. From The Guardian in February 09:

ITV has apologised to football fans for showing adverts during the only goal in the Merseyside derby. Millions of football fans were left in the dark over the 19-year-old Dan Gosling’s winning goal in last night’s match after ITV again dropped the ball during its £275m FA Cup coverage.

Gosling hit an 118th-minute goal to take Everton into the fifth round, but after viewers had sat through nearly two goalless hours ITV had already cut to a scheduled ad break moments before the winning goal.

Good to see they’ve learned their lessons then. And good to see Adrian Chiles is intent on giving Peter Drury a run for his money when it comes to toe-curling commentary. Speaking of Robert Green’s error which gave the USA a point in last night’s game, he said:

If there’s anyone we feel sorry for as much as Rob Green, it’s our boys in Afghanistan, forced to watch this with American soldiers

There aren’t enough words for vomit to pass comment on that. The football hasn’t been brilliant so far in this World Cup, thank the Gods for ITV though. They’re keeping us entertained.

Remember, if you see or hear any commentary or pundit classics, please let us know.

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