Official: Tottenham Fans Too Raucous

John Peters December 8, 2013 Comments Off
Official: Tottenham Fans Too Raucous

The Telegraph have sensationally reported that a certain section of Tottenham fans have been moved from a certain part of the stadium after the Tottenham board became concerned that they would lose their Health and Safety certificate from the London Borough of Haringey.

There is a certain group of supporters called ‘the 1882‘ who sit in Block J who occasionally move onto the stairs, but have now been moved behind the goals where there is less space in order to comply with regulations.

This very much looks like political correctness gone mad and surely any efforts to improve the atmosphere, as long as it’s in a safe manner should be encouraged.

This is especially ironic after Tottenham boss Andre Villas-boas criticised the atmosphere at White Hart Lane this season as being “tense” and not helpful to the team.

Nevertheless, Tottenham publicity state that they are not interested in dampening the atmosphere, and are simply complying with safety regulations.

Sue Tilling, Tottenham’s safety officer explained that the 1882 are a group of supporters aged 15-25 who are trying to increase the atmosphere at White Hart Lane, They were present at the Hull Cup game in J Block and were not compliant to stewards’ instructions and will therefore no longer be allowed to buy seats in this area.

Roy Keane famously criticised the ‘prawn-sandwich’ brigade at Old Trafford who contribute nothing to the atmosphere, and Tottenham have to be careful that they are not pandering to a certain type of supporter.

This seems like utter madness and football should be a game for every type of fan. I believe that fans can make the difference between a draw and a win and Spurs fans should continue to make as much noise as they can.

If Spurs fans trying to make a positive difference suck, then the game really is in trouble. 1882 should be embraced, not marginalized.



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