England betting pattern emerges

The Magic Sponge October 10, 2013 Comments Off
England betting pattern emerges

England’s run of producing minimum requirement football might finally be at an end. Two better than “alright” performances are urgently required if all the talk of World Cup qualification is going to result in actual participation of the tournament.

Montenegro on Friday, then Poland on Tuesday. These two games will reveal to us if the glass is half full or half empty.

According to the latest Betfair Cash Out data, England fans aren’t confident in their Manager’s decisions from the side of the pitch as whenever Roy makes a substitution, fans backing of England significantly drops.

With England scraping a win and a draw in the last two games, the latest round of Cash Out statistics show that people don’t have faith in the England Manager’s tactical ability.

Data from England’s game against Ukraine shows that there was a 325% increase in people cashing out on their bets when Roy Hodgson decided to take Theo Walcott off. There was a similar story during the Moldova game, when Jack Wilshere was taken off in the 59th minute and Rickie Lambert in the 70th minute.

Betfair Cash Out allows fans to secure profit during matches if they think the result is in doubt. By researching these statistics, Betfair can track what football fans’ are thinking during the game.

It will be “interesting” to put it mildly, to see what fans do while these next two games are in play…


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