“You’re in” – web round-up

Last man back May 31, 2010 0

As well as providing you with our own sparkling content, Three and in will point you to some of the best football blogging elsewhere. Our web round-ups will be regularly irregular but you know each link is a goal.

The Offside – World Cup players on Twitter: If you’re a Twitterholic and a football fan this is fantastic. Don’t forget, you can follow Three and in on Twitter right here.

Who ate all the pies – Flashback to Heysel: The always fun Pies strikes a serious note. Hard to believe it’s been 25 years.

Arseblog – The 10 real reasons Cesc wants to leave Arsenal: Anything that invents the Ebouesaurus Rex has to be good.

The Spoiler – Football grounds 30 years ago: More backwards time travelling, should bring back some memories for those of you around back then.

Dirty Tackle – Terrible balls: Goalkeepers getting their excuses in early. Don’t we have the exact same complaints from keepers before every major tournament?