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Last man back September 2, 2010 0

Believe it or not, and I know it will be tough, there are some other football blogs out there that are quite good. Not as good as us, obviously, but still much better than being fisted by Hellboy. Here’s a round-up of some of the good stuff we’ve found.

Marmite Footballers at Who ate all the pies. Tell you who was always Marmite, Lee Hendrie. He just had one of those faces. A bit like Bret Ormerod does (but I think that’s because he looks a bit like Lee Bowyer).

Iain McIntosh plays Football Manager 2010 – funny stuff, follow the logical progression yourself. I’m starting with episode 1.

Celtic get the Swiss Ramble treatment – which as always is lengthy but fascinating.

A fun sending off – not fun for the bloke who gets the kick but I laughed while watching it.

A reminder about non-league day – with internationals getting in the way of real football why not go watch a game at your local club? What do you mean they’re rubbish. Get over it!

David Conn on the 25 man rule – it’s good. Even though PFA chief Gordon Taylor think it’s not good enough. There’s no pleasing some folk.

And finally, another whacky goal celebration from those Icelandic lads. The best you can say is at least it’s not the same old crap.