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    It was too good to be true

    Turns out somebody else had it in them and the Mail just nicked it.

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    Daily Mail in humour shocker

    Who knew they had it in them?

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    She Said He Said

    Somebody did something naughty last year. But we shouldn’t be allowed to tell you what it is because they have a lot of money and have bought one of those things you’ve only heard of recently. But you can know who the other person involved was, sure, she’s not that rich anyway....

  • England
    Are All Football Managers Masochists?

    They seem suspiciously happy to expose themselves to abuse and blame for results they can have little control over (compared to the players, at least). Even if they’re successful one season, that only gives their future-detractors ammunition with which to accuse them of having ‘lost it’ in following seasons when they inevitably...

  • England
    Redknapp – Wheeling For England?

    Never a year goes by without the future of the current England manager and speculation over his potential replacements dominating at least one slow-sports-news week. It’s a go-to topic, like ‘Fabregas Wanted by Barcelona’, ‘Giggs is Really Quite Good, Have You Noticed?’ or ‘Terry Family Member Questioned by Police Over ——-‘ One...

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    Kranjcar + Cash Deal For €25M Goal Machine Leaked

    Word filtering through the t’Interwebsphere is that Tottenham’s Niko Kranjcar’s notoriously chatty father, Zlatko Kranjcar has been engineering a swap deal with AS Roma’s Mirko Vucinic. At least that is what ol’Zlato told Walter Sabatini… Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has quite openly operated a culture of favourites at White Hart Lane, ever...

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    Spurs pay price for January inactivity

    For Spurs, breaking the top four monopoly in 2009/10 was a momentous achievement. And with it came a highly rewarding Champions League campaign, taking in a thrilling victory over the holders, Inter Milan, before bowing out to Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid. There was little disgrace in losing to the battle Real –...

  • Champions League
    Barcelona – great football, awful cheating

    Barcelona's football brilliance is tainted by their continuous cheating and gamesmanship

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    On Twitter

    What an amazing place Twitter is. A true social media, a great leveller, where the hoi-polloi can mix and engage with heads of state, celebrities from A list to Z, writers, reality TV ‘stars’, sports people and, of course, footballers. It is a place of intelligent discourse, witty repartee and reasoned, measured...