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    Captaincy: Much ado about nothing?

    The press enjoy the debate.  Sky’s Sunday Supplement’s hoard of pundits drool over their croissants the moment the subject comes up.  But does anyone else really care who wears the armband of the national team? There are few neutrals who didn’t take pleasure in John Terry’s fall from grace a year ago. ...

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    The Ballad Of Neil Lennon

    The Celtic manager is not Mr Popular, but what sets him apart from other managers?

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    Aldridge misses open goal

    Former Liverpool striker in Twit-off with Man United fans over unsavoury songs

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    United’s media silence counter productive

    Why Manchester United should have spoken out after the Liverpool game

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    Nani should leave crying to the real men

    In his Five Things We Learned From Liverpool vs Manchester United article, The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor came down harder than Jamie Carragher on Nani, who was tearfully substituted after feeling the effects of a horrific lunge from the Liverpool defender.  Taylor insists: “Bryan Robson never cried. Roy Keane never cried. Heck, we...

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    Delicious pots and kettles

    Man United’s loss to Chelsea last night was telling. Not just in terms of how it opens up the title race but it gave us another fabulous insight into the world of Alex Ferguson. Barely hours after Wayne Rooney had gotten away with his elbow, United found themselves on the wrong end...

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    Snoodunnit, Incey?

    Maybe it’s because I’m a soft Southerner, but I honestly can’t see what’s wrong with wearing a snood. When Samir Nasri & Co donned the tubular neck scarf for the first time, they can’t have imaged the reaction they’d provoke – partly because on the continent some footballers, like Gigi Buffon, have...