• England
    The Gallon d’Or

    Much was made this week about how no British players were nominated for the Ballon d’Or. It was hardly a surprise, in fairness, the only obvious candidate was Wayne Rooney and I suspect it was a combination of his plummeting form and FIFA deciding his off-field antics were too distasteful which saw...

  • England
    Bent & Carroll wage a private Derby Day battle

    This Sunday lunchtime, Newcastle and Sunderland face off as the Premier League welcomes back the Tyne-Wear derby. Amidst the melee, however, a private battle will be taking place between two North-East hotshots: Andy Carroll and Darren Bent. The signs are that, after abortive experiments with a 4-3-3 formation, Fabio Capello is determined...

  • Premier League
    Spurs admit King and Woodgate are past it

    Yesterday, Tottenham completed the signing of South African centre-back Bongani Khumalo.  Spurs fans will hoping he proves to be more successful than their last South African defensive import, Mbulelo Mabizela, who failed to make an impact in North London, and ended up returning to South Africa via a stint in Norwegian football....

  • General
    Celebrating goals

    Maybe it’s just me, and most times when I say that it is just me, but don’t footballers celebrate goals rather too much? I don’t mean the extravagant routines some of them foist upon us, nor the ludicrous dancing, but very often they goals they’re celebrating aren’t important or it’s too early...

  • SPL
    Controversy overshadows impressive Rangers

    As Glasgow – ok, Scotland – does what it does best by feasting over the rotten carcass of the first Glasgow derby of the season one thing seems to be missed. Rangers are unbeaten in all competitions this season. Only Man Utd and Valencia haven’t lost to them and they are on...

  • Premier League
    Rooney has a point, but no class

    Yesterday, Wayne Rooney released his first official comment on his desire to leave Old Trafford. Note: his first ‘official’ comment. It is briefings from Rooney’s camps that have fuelled these stories for the past five days. When the statement finally arrived, it didn’t make for pretty reading. The choicest extract is probably:...

  • Premier League
    Is it the right time to sell Rooney?

    It’s the question on the mind of every United fan, and Sir Alex Ferguson himself.  Having reportedly informed the club of his unwillingness to sign a new contract, Rooney has made his position at United as good as untenable.  The idea of losing him for nothing is simply not palatable, and his...

  • Premier League
    Robin van Persie injury shocker

    via @EricisSuperTed

  • Premier League
    11 problems new owners can’t solve

    So Liverpool have their shiny new owners. They got rid of those dastardly Americans, and replaced them with… well, some other Americans. But these ones are different. They’re not systematic family rapists, for one thing. Yesterday saw the first game of the NESV era. And there was N.ot E.ven the S.lightest V.ariation....

  • Premier League
    Pulis misses the point

    Today Tony Pulis entered his press conference, unfurled a prepared statement in Benitez-esque fashion, and responded to Danny Murphy’s recent comments about his side’s overt physicality. Pulis has a history of releasing statements when his club come under fire.  His club are remarkably touchy about criticism.  It’s almost as if the comments...