• England
    Wilshere is a talent fit to skip the U-21s

    During England’s thrashing by Germany at this summer’s World Cup, Germany were the better side in every department.  In one particular area, however, England offered no competition at all: that of playmaker.  The Germans had Mesut Ozil, one of the tournament’s stars, whilst the England midfield of Gerrard, Barry, Lampard & Co...

  • Premier League
    Wayne Rooney needs the rest

    It started well. After two minutes Wayne Rooney put Man United 2-1 up in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich. It ended badly. He left the stadium on crutches after picking up an ankle injury. At the time United described it as ‘not serious’ and Rooney was...

  • Premier League
    Emmanuel Adebayor’s hair is disobedient

    Every week Lawrence Gray-Hodson, a man who made his name in the upper reaches of Division 2 in the 1970s and 80s as well as being a former Scotland and England international, writes a column exclusively for Three and in. This week it’s footballers hair. —— There are many things wrong with...

  • SPL
    The In-Firm Are In Control

    I’m unsure what the SPL call their fixtures. Is it ‘Match Day 1’, ‘Week 1’ , ‘Round 1’, or ‘Another Week when Celtic and Rangers are both likely to win’? Celtic and Rangers both made it 6 wins out of 6. At a time when both are at their most vulnerable the...

  • Media
    Ceci n’est pas un publicity stunt

    Paul Gascoigne, after a 39-day spell at Kettering that ended with acrimony and accusations of drinking on the job, is to make his return to football management.  His employers, Garforth Town, insist the appointment is not a publicity stunt. Their claims would have more credence if the owner, Simon Clifford, wasn’t the...

  • Media
    Shearer gets it wrong again

    No, I’m not talking about him refer, more than once, to David Silva as David Villa until Gary Lineker corrected him. I mean his opinion of the Steven Gerrard elbow on Danny Welbeck. GIF here – (3mb) Shearer was critical of the referee’s decision to book the Liverpool captain saying “It’s a...

  • Media
    Picture of the weekend: Bacary Sagna

    The Arsenal full back captures the mood during their 3-2 defeat to West Brom.

  • Premier League
    Hodgson’s choice

    The chance to manage a club like Liverpool doesn’t come very often and for 62 year old Roy Hodgson it was always likely to be his last chance at a ‘big’ club. Nevertheless, I suspect he had to think long and hard about it. He’d made good progress with Fulham, reached a...

  • Premier League
    Litmus test for Mancini’s men and Ancelotti’s front-runners

    Let me just say, with as must neutrality as it’s possible for any football fan to muster, that I’ve been decidedly unimpressed by Man City’s start to the season.  Their performances have been uninspiring, with results to match.  Setting aside the pedestrian irrelevance that is the Europa League, they’ve won just two...

  • Carling Cup
    Flappyhandski should be consigned to the past

    Arsene Wenger is an intelligent, eloquent man who speaks a lot of sense on many of football’s important issues.  Occasionally, however, his views baffle.  In the build-up to last night’s game with Spurs, he said: “I am personally convinced he is a world-class goalkeeper, potentially, and of course when you have that...